Variations on a theme: the Mona Lisa

From the time it was created in 1503, the Mona Lisa was hailed as one of the finest paintings ever produced and immediately copied. Over the centuries, many artists have paid tribute to it or created their own, very personal reinterpretations. Famous examples include:

  1. Raffaello Sanzio, known as Raphael, Head and shoulders of a woman, in three-quarters profile facing left, with folded arms (c. 1504–1507)
  2. Raffaello Sanzio, known as Raphael, Portrait of Maddalena Doni (c. 1505–1506)
  3. Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, The Woman with the Pearl (c. 1868–1870)
  4. Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q. (1919)
  5. Fernand Léger, Mona Lisa with Keys (1930)
  6. Fernando Botero, Monalisa (1959)
  7. Andy Warhol, Thirty Are Better Than One (1963)
  8. Basquiat, Mona Lisa (1983)
  9. Yan Pei-Ming, The Funeral of Mona Lisa (2008)
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